Philosophies and Beliefs

Of Teaching and Learning

I believe we learn best when we…

  • Build a foundation of trust on authentic relationships
  • Root the learning process in our natural curiosity and inquiry
  • Immerse learners in experiences in which different types of knowledge and skills are used fluently and authentically by those around them
  • Personalize learning through deep knowledge and informed pedagogical decisions
  • Conceptualize our understandings so that we can apply them to new situations

Of Educational Technology

I believe we all learn best when technology…

  • Centers around teaching and learning
  • Empowers learners as digital citizens to lead happy, healthy and balanced lives
  • Weaves seamlessly throughout the curriculum
  • Connects learners with authentic problems, global communities, and collaborative opportunities
  • Personalizes learning in terms of content, process and product
  • Creates capacity to focus on learning
  • Provides easy access to meaningful information

Of Leadership

I believe leaders inspire those around them to do their best when they…

  • Build a foundation of trust built on benevolence, openness, consistency, honesty, and competence
  • Model the behaviors they wish to encourage, recognize and minimize double-standards, and are willing to do that which they ask of others
  • Recognize their own mistakes and shortcomings, nurture the strengths of others, give clear and actionable feedback, and receive feedback with gratitude