I am currently working as the Technology Coordinator for the United Nations International School of Hanoi and try to help teachers use technology purposefully and creatively. ¬†Prior to this, I worked for six years in the United States teaching history, culture, music and technology at a small high school in Indiana called Harmony School. ¬†When I’m not working, I enjoy traveling, training martial arts (capoeira and Brazilian jiujitsu), playing music (bass, guitar, and percussion), and diving and kitesurfing in the ocean.

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  1. George Benainous
    September 5, 2015 @ 7:01 pm

    Hello Paul,

    I found your tutorial on vlookup wrapped in arrayformula very useful. It solved the exact problem I was dealing with.

    I’m also a music lover (mostly blues guitar though the other side of my brain loves Bach).

    If you’re every in L.A., drinks are on me.




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