SAMR and Stager

I met Dr. Gary Stager last spring at the ASB Unplugged event in Mumbai, and had a great time at the Maker Space workshop with his partner, Dr. Sylvia Martinez.  Afterwards, I bought their book, Invent to Learn, and found many of their ideas fascinating. I was a big fan of John Dewey when I was studying education, and I loved the way those ideas were brought into the 21st century by Seymour Papert. Here is the video of Stager’s TEDx talk at ASB Unplugged. Not the best slideshow (as Stager himself said), but it was good to learn more about Papert.

Fast forward to last week, when I had the opportunity to see Dr. Ruben Puentedura, the founder of SAMR, discuss his tech-integration model in a Preconference at 21st Century Learning. Here is an example of one of his explanations of SAMR:

I wrote about my own thoughts on the SAMR model, posted it on Twitter, and was pleasantly surprised to see a few dozen people found it helpful. Then Stephen Hasketh  tweeted my post to Dr. Stager. It turns out that Dr. Stager is not a fan of SAMR. You can read the Twitter conversation below for yourself. Today has definitely been one of the strangest Twitter days of my life. How did I end up in an argument with Dr. Stager?