Feel the Power: Google Sheets for Peer Assessments

New to Sheets?

If you are brand new to Google sheets, there are lots of good tutorials geared towards teachers.

Learning Google Sheets

Many of us have done some averages or basic formulas with Google Sheets, but how do we really take advantage of what they can do? How do we create our own mini-database and use assessment data in meaningful ways? The following tutorials have three purposes:

  • To help you learn more about formulas like CONCATENATE, VLOOKUP, ARRAYFORMULA, and QUERY
  • To show you how you can use Sheets to manage large scale peer-assessment and feedback
  • To start you on a lesson track that will give you room to grow in your use of Sheets

Click on a lesson below for a written tutorial demonstrating the lesson. If you would like to print the lessons, click here to view them all on a printable Google Doc.  On the right are all of the Examples used and some Challenges to test your learning.

Examples / Challenges

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