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Collaborative Notes and SAMR

On Tuesday my friend Jeff Wrensen posted on his blog about collaborative note-taking: I was taught how to take notes and jot down important thoughts on paper. In a recent discussion at school, I was told that the students don’t need their laptops to take notes, they can just use paper. My argument was not(…)

Internet Fundamentals

What fundamental principle is the Internet built on? Is the Internet a mass of content or a mass of connections? The other day I was talking to a friend about how hundreds of years ago the problem was the inavailability of information.  Books were precious items that contained the secrets of religions and governments, and(…)

Innovative Education

“Students are not problems that need to be solved; they are people who can develop solutions to problems.” I’ve been turning these ideas over in my head for months, but when this sentence popped into my head I felt like it summed up much of my thinking and also provided a litmus test for “innovative education”.(…)